Hey, I'm Freya!

I'm originally from Perth, but moved to Newcastle in 2016 with my now-husband. In 2023 we moved back to Perth after 6 years on the east coast! Our son Leonardo was born in Newcastle and is now 3, and our daughter Alice (who I was pregnant with when we moved pack to Perth) is almost 1 now.

I've been doing this photography thing since 2018 when my husband gave me my first DSLR camera for my birthday, and I realised I was kind of good at this! I initially named my business after our two whippets, because when I was starting out they were what I took the most photos of! Their names are Audrey and Arthur, and they think they are humans. I have since rebranded to Freya Elise Photography, as many people were under the impression that I was either a whippet breeder or a dog photographer! I started out just doing this part time while I was working as a nurse, but when things picked up I decided to make this my full-time gig since it worked a lot better around the kids!

My style has changed and developed over time, and I'm constantly striving to improve my skills as a photographer. My favourite sessions are maternity, birth, and newborn, which is probably because I already had a passion for those areas as an aspiring midwife. I just love capturing that special time as a family grows, even more so now that I have been through it myself!

A few things about me, I'm:

  • An extroverted introvert
  • A bookworm
  • A singer/songwriter
  • Neurodivergent (ADHD)
  • Lactose intolerant
  • An animal lover
  • A total geek
  • An empath
  • A wife
  • A mum
  • A registered nurse
  • A self-taught photographer

My favourite photos are usually the ones you didn't realise I was taking, rather than the posed photos with the beautiful smiles, because they are a little window into your life. To me, photographs are so important. I have bookshelves full of photo albums, and I add a new one every year. I'm the photographer who always insists that parents get in my Santa photos, because I promise you that your children won't care that you didn't do your hair/makeup, they will cherish those photos because you are in them.

Can I tell you a secret? I still get nervous every time I send out a new gallery, because I genuinely care that you love your photos as much as I do! It means so much to me when people trust me with creating these memories for them, and I take that very seriously. I put my heart and soul into every photo I take, and I'll do everything in my power to create something you will cherish for years to come. So if you've been thinking about investing in some beautiful photos, but you'll "do it next year", or you're putting it off until you "lose those extra kilos", stop procrastinating! I promise you won't regret letting me help you create some beautiful memories ❤